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... and welcome to, where all about me comes together.

There was a time that I regarded myself as a keen photographer. The arrival of Digital equipment has changed the world to a large degree - milions of images are created daily (we need not discuss the quality thereof) and the need for a 'proper' photographer is no longer that big.

At one time of my life I guided tours of all sizes to selected beautiful locations. Nowadays I limit those to travels without strangers or groups.

I still love to communicate with others, for whatever reason - please do not hesitate to contact me.

Most of my time is spent here:


Let us be honest. The world has changed from what I remember and from what most people would like it to be.

In the world of today, a business is judged on their face on the Internet. In many cases, the quality of product or service is no longer important.

At I do my little bit to change the world. But I still use the old method. Good quality and made by hand.

Here we have opened our doors to strangers. 

No other place or method in the enite universe can teach you as much about people, their morals, methods, personalities (or the lack thereof!).

You are welcome to visit, we will not judge you.

This I have done for the pleasure involved. is where you will meet the South-African Faure family, and may even learn about where one made his mark in the history of our country.

Included is a little about places and other things named Faure - plus mention of some individuals in other parts of the world.

Doing this not only brought me a lot of satisfaction but was This exercise also brought me a lot of satisfaction. It was also an enriching experience and a pleasure to meet members of the family (some in person).

For the record, the mountains in the background are the Andes, somewhere between the Argentine and Chile.